MCA Member Discounts

Everything you need to know

Members of MCA Motor Club of America can enjoy discounts on travel, dental care, prescription medications, eye care, car rentals, and lodging. MCA motor club has signed partnership deals with various establishments across the United States to allow members to enjoy huge money saving discounts.

Prescription Drug Discounts

Up to 65% off

One of the MCA benefits is access to affordable prescription medications. This discount is one that we’re very proud to offer. With prescription prices steadily increasing, everyone deserves a break on medications. We’ve teamed up with pharmacies across the nation to help deliver valuable discounts to all of our members. This is an easy way to help you and your family with all of your prescription drug needs. MCA participants and their families can obtain great savings on drug prices through our nationwide network of over 50,000 pharmacies. Your savings will depend on the actual prescription and the pharmacy you attend.

Vision Care Discounts

Up to 50% off

MCA knows that sight is one of the most important senses we have. That’s why it’s important for all the members of your family to have an annual eye exams. Poor eyesight can affect your family’s daily activities and make it difficult to perform simple tasks like reading or driving. Enjoy an average of 10%-50% savings at over 10,000 participating optical centers. MCA also offers a convenient mail-order program so that you always receive your replacement contact lenses on time. Our vision services are unlimited and cover every member of your immediate family. This means that you can use your discount to purchase glasses or contact lenses as often as needed.

Dental Care Discounts

Up to 50% off

As a member of Motor Club America, you gain access to quality dental care at affordable prices. Dental care is extremely important for you and your family’s overall health. Join the more than 12 million members who are benefiting from our dental discount program. Every dentist within our program is regularly credentialed so you can rest assured that your family’s dental needs are in reliable hands. Perhaps the greatest perk of our dental discount benefit is that each member of your family has the freedom to choose their own dental provider as long as he or she is part of our network. We even have non-English speaking partners available for your convenience.


Rental Car Discounts

Up to 40% off

MCA wants everyone to have the chance to ride in style sometimes. With our network of preferred rental car agencies, you’ll have the opportunity to rent any sized vehicle for as long as you need it at a discounted price. Drive around town with the top down in that convertible that you’ve always dreamed about, or take the whole family on a road trip in a spacious SUV. Whether you are traveling locally or nationally, we are here to provide you with the best vehicle for your needs at the best cost. Combine MCA rental car discount with our hotel discount and make the most of any vacation.

Hotel Discounts

Up to 15% off

This is one of MCA’s most used services for families who love stress-free travel. With the option to book any sized room at any of our participating chains, you and your family can find the comfort of home anywhere on the road. With up to 15% off hotels, MCA offers accommodations to fit any budget. Once you become a member with Motor Club of America, you will be provided with a list of all of our covered hotels accompanied by their discount codes and contact info for 24-hour booking hotlines.